Outlook Express Quick Backup

Outlook Express Quick Backup 1.3

Creates backups of Outlook Express and address book files
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It is an extremely simple software intended exclusively to create and restore backup copies of the Outlook Express files system and settings in case of damage or lost of the information. You’ll be able to copy all the files of the Main Identity and to save a copy of the address book. It’s a little program so it uses few resources of your computer and allows you to perform the copy even while you’re working with other applications. It’s free and runs on Windows Vista/2003/2000/98/Me/NT.
When we say it’s really simple, well, it really is! You just have to take two quick steps to get the job done:
- Choose a folder as destination for the backup. If you wish, you can create a new folder from the window you are working.
-Push the “Complete Backup” button and it’s done!
If you wish, you will be able to overwrite successive backup files. In addition, from the File menu you can choose if you want:
- Backup Address Book
- Make a New Backup Folder
- Open Backup Folder
- Set Existing Folder as Backup
- Restore Address Book

Juan Morán
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  • Easy-to-use, quick
  • Low use of resources


  • Doesn't transfer data between PCs
  • Doesn't support Outlook Express 4
  • Copy the whole identity
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